The Flight Attendant Employment Preparation Manual (Part 1 & II) - PDF

Unique and entertaining! A-Z what you need to know to secure airline interviews and to give you confidence at your interviews to succeed in gaining that dream job. A complete survival kit!

How the major airlines conduct their interviews, the six types of interviews and how to answer the interview questions. A proven and powerful set of instructions.

More than 500 actual airline questions have been compiled for your benefit to fully prepare you for your airline interviews.

Commonly asked question to Flight Dux Staff

I live in Australia, do I need to do some courses or training?
Answer: To be eligible for flight attendant interviews you will require two certificates:
*Responsible Service of Alcohol and a *Apply or Provide First Aid Certificate.

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Want to be a flight attendant? Can you be all of the following? Actor, Arbitrator, Baby Sitter, Bar Tender, Busboy, Cocktail Attendant, Camera Specialist, Counsellor, Dietitian, Fire Fighter, Food Hygienist, Gourmet Traveller and Cook, Host, Instructor, IT Specialist, Juggler, Lifeguard, Model, Nurse, Paper 'Boy', Plumber, Police Officer, Psychologist, Receptionist, Safety Inspector, Sales Person, Sanitary Cleaner, Skycap, Security Guard, Travel Agent, Usher, Valet, Video Projectionist and Weather Person.

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