We provide resume services for flight attendants and pilots throughout Australia, New Zealand and cabin crew based in the Middle East. Furthermore, our resume services successfully gain interviews for experienced flight attendants who wish to work for VVIP private jets. You will have a contact list of corporate airlines.

Aspiring flight attendants who want an edge in this highly competitive field enjoy our resume services to ensure successful job applications. We can guarantee airline interviews.

An aviation resume writer (over 20 years experience) will give you a resume with a fresh, professional and exciting 'new look'. With this marketing presentation you will have a belief that you are a professional contender for an exciting flying career.

*As part of the service you will receive a cover letter focusing on the company's assessment criteria containing vital 'key words' or formatted to be correctly parsed by an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) making it easy for you to be selected for an interview.

You may like a covering letter only? This letter must have your transferable skills and adjustable for each advertised position. Price: $50.00. Ask for our economical express resume services.

Do you want a resume compiled for ANY career position?

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Bankingdetails - available. Accept- Master Card, Visa, and American Express.


Photographic Services: Sydney: Tony (Paddington) 0412 571 349

Melbourne: Yvette 290 Collins St. City 03 9654 3555 Click 'flight attendant'

Perth: Tony Notte (Nth Perth) 08 9444 40 76

Flight Dux has a large data base of flight attendants and cabin managers in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, UK and the Middle East. By supplying unique and exclusive airline information our flight attendants have gained corporate positions and other exciting jobs.
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